“Off to a Gig”

A recent survey conducted by Vario concluded that the main reason for lawyers choosing freelance/ interim roles is the variety of legal work they offer. Whilst I believe this to be true, it got me thinking about the changing ways in which we work. In my 13 years in recruitment (most of this supplying legal staff), I have seen good and bad economies, innovations in technology and changing work patterns. Related to this last point I’ve recently been hearing a lot about the “Gig Economy”. Continue reading…

Paralegals – do you know what THEY think???

By ‘they’, I mean the partners who are hiring paralegals. It is an interesting question for paralegals who want to know how they are perceived by the senior lawyers in their teams.

Other questions I regularly hear asked are if working as paralegals this will affect their chances of becoming a trainee and also if working as a paralegal will help their career?

So here are some answers. I have to confess (funnily enough) that I haven’t asked every partner in the UK these questions…. and I cannot claim this to be a definitive set of answers. However I have asked a selection of law firm partners whom I know well and respect. They themselves are highly rated in their field and although they have not worked as paralegals, they have all recruited them into their teams and they know the legal market well.

The partners are from a large international top 10 law firm and work in Investment Funds (a), a large national firm and work in Real Estate (b) and an impressive US law firm and work in Corporate (c). They have also worked at magic circle, silver circle and West End practices previously. I am not naming them so they could answer freely without the censorship of their HR and marketing departments.

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What a year for personal injury lawyers!

Two weeks ago I started writing my blog which I’ve pretty much left unchanged for you below. It was due to be published this week, but the latest announcement by the government has effectively totally changed the “what now?” section at the end. Everything has changed again! Being head of a personal injury department or firm and trying to business plan must be impossible at the moment! Continue reading…

Work Experience

How soon is too soon?

Christmas is slowly approaching and whilst your mind has moved from worrying about pumpkins and zombies to tinsel and where you packed away that Michael Buble Deluxe Christmas CD (do people even still use CDs?!), I’ve been wondering, how soon is too soon? I saw my first Christmas tree back in October and as far as I’m concerned, that was definitely too soon! Continue reading…


How will President Trump affect UK law firms?

Brexit. Leicester City win the Premier League. Donald Trump is elected as President.

You couldn’t have predicted 2016 if you tried.

As the dust barely settles following a momentous night in world politics, we analyse 3 key areas likely to affect UK law firms following Trump’s election as President of the United States. Continue reading…

Turn and face the strain ch-ch changes

The 20th century philosopher, Alan Watts, said “The only way to make sense out of change is to plunge into it, move with it, and join the dance” and in the aftermath of the Global Financial Crisis, I think it’s fair to say that most law firms have been alive to this necessity. Continue reading…

When speed is of the essence….

When a candidate is seeking their dream job, or a prospective employer is looking to hire that key individual, one crucial element is needed to ensure this piece of recruitment goes smoothly. It is unfortunately all too often the case that this element is missing, resulting in both missed opportunities for both perfect candidates and great employers. This essential factor is urgency.

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We are here to help. My advice on how to have the most successful recruitment relationship!

My background, before my move in to the world of legal recruitment, was the life of being a solicitor in private practice. I was a Litigation lawyer at a large, well-known regional law firm, and I had become used to the adversarial world I lived in, where it was me against them and ultimately there was going to be a winner and a loser, or so the theory goes. Looking back, the peculiar challenges of what was a very argumentative day to day working experience coloured every aspect of my approach to my work. It became the norm to see things in black and white, to be adamant about my view and completely dismissive of theirs. After all I was always right, so they were always wrong. Continue reading…

Thinking Woman

When a man is tired of London… he realises there is more to life?

“When a man is tired of London, he is tired of life; for there is in London all that life can afford.”

This oft quoted epitaph is from the 18th century, so don’t feel bad if it doesn’t resonate with you. In fact, if you are tired of London it’s likely because you no longer have a life, yet alone a life you can afford. Continue reading…