We are here to help. My advice on how to have the most successful recruitment relationship!

My background, before my move in to the world of legal recruitment, was the life of being a solicitor in private practice. I was a Litigation lawyer at a large, well-known regional law firm, and I had become used to the adversarial world I lived in, where it was me against them and ultimately there was going to be a winner and a loser, or so the theory goes. Looking back, the peculiar challenges of what was a very argumentative day to day working experience coloured every aspect of my approach to my work. It became the norm to see things in black and white, to be adamant about my view and completely dismissive of theirs. After all I was always right, so they were always wrong. Continue reading…

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When a man is tired of London… he realises there is more to life?

“When a man is tired of London, he is tired of life; for there is in London all that life can afford.”

This oft quoted epitaph is from the 18th century, so don’t feel bad if it doesn’t resonate with you. In fact, if you are tired of London it’s likely because you no longer have a life, yet alone a life you can afford. Continue reading…

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The challenge of senior private practice lawyers wanting to move in-house

I have just spent 40 minutes on the phone with a 20 year PQE Insolvency Partner from a highly respected law firm informing them that unfortunately they did not fit the profile for the General Counsel role I am recruiting for. Having to deal with their complete indignation and total outrage at their rejection, I thought it may be worth getting some thoughts down in blog form. Continue reading…


Business development… Essentially making work fun?

Business development was historically, for some lawyers, an unholy curse distracting them from valuable fee earning time or eating into even more valuable personal time. However as the requirements for partnership have changed, the attitude towards BD has moved on as well. Continue reading…


Holidays – and why we should all have one!

The summer is almost over… kids are back in school, your favourite shops have brought out the Autumn range and sadly the flip flops have been resigned to the back of the wardrobe once again. BUT what I would like to know is – did you make the most of it? Continue reading…


Post Brexit – Is London still a good career destination for Australian and New Zealand qualified lawyers?

Our international team has been working with Australian and New Zealand solicitors looking to relocate to London since 2001. Over that time there have been monumental changes in the levels of demand for legal talent from down under, from the glory days of 2005 to the complete freeze on international recruitment in September 2008. Continue reading…

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Escaping Paralegal Purgatory!

So you’ve worked hard at school, got the grades, the place at University and finally the Law Degree. So what comes next?

The majority of candidates, like myself 10 years ago, have faced this question. Looking back on it now, perhaps I should have pondered the question and researched the graduate to pupillage ratios etc. a little longer, before diving straight into the Bar Vocational Course (BVC). However, like an increasing number of undergraduates each year, I decided to carry on to post graduate training. Continue reading…


Let’s Litigate! Or that’s what our clients seem to be saying!

After many years of tough competition for any litigation role at a law firm, the market seems to be changing. Litigation is in!

With the effect of the Jackson reforms on Personal Injury positions, economic downturn influencing the debt recovery and civil litigation markets and the general increase in commercial disputes between businesses, contentious lawyers have seen their world evolving and changing. Since Brexit we have seen one obvious change – litigation specialists are now on the recruitment lists of many law firms right across the UK. Continue reading…

Shaking Hands

Thinking about a move? 5 reasons to use a recruitment consultant.

When considering a move, you can go about it in a number of ways. You can search law firm websites and careers pages for your next step and fire out applications. You can look within your own existing network, checking out who you know at what firms and who might be able to put in a good word for you. Alternatively you can build a relationship with a specialist recruitment consultant and leverage the benefit of using an expert in the market, paid (by the law firm not you!) to find you the right next step in your career. Continue reading…


Rise of the Residential

From the news to job boards, everyone is talking about Residential Conveyancing, but why is this?

The property market is forever changing and keeping us on our toes, in the last year we have seen new stamp duty rules and the unexpected brexit. These factors will have a huge impact on the property market within the UK which may benefit locum Solicitors. With higher demands and a quicker turn around needed more and more Law firms and high street practices require experienced specialist Solicitors on a locum basis to assist with their influx of cases from purchase to completion. Continue reading…