Counter Offer

Counter offers: Not all that glitters is gold

As law firms find the battle for attracting lawyers more and more challenging, the focus on preventing people leaving will only increase and with this the likelihood that, if you try and move firms, there will be a counter offer. But is that receipt flattering, compelling or dangerous? Continue reading…

training contract

Q&As from recently qualified solicitors – an insight into their experience of training and qualification

September is an interesting time of year for junior lawyers. Paralegals and LPC graduates are starting their training contracts and Trainee Solicitors are coming up to the quarter, half way or qualification stage of theirs.

It is understandable that individuals have a number of questions about how their career will progress during the training contract process. Questions frequently include “what seats do I want to undertake?”, “will I stay with my current firm?”, “what do I want to qualify into?”, “what else is out there?”, “what changes when I qualify?”. These are of course just a few of the most common queries that crop up. Continue reading…


Are you aware of your personal online brand?

With the legal job market becoming ever more competitive, it is not surprising that the selection criteria used by employers may not always be limited to a straightforward CV and interview(s) – your personal online brand can be just as important as the suit you wear to an interview. Continue reading…

Women Literature

Pride & Prejudice & Partnership

It is a truth universally acknowledged that an associate solicitor, possessed of a good following, must be in want of partnership. Continue reading…

David Bowie

A cha-cha-cha-changing era – a look at the expanding consultancy market with the help of my hero David Bowie!

I for one sighed with relief when 2016 finally ‘did one’. In a year of uncertainty and of ‘Heroes’ and villains, last year seemed largely without humour. We lost some of ‘The Supermen’ (and women) of the world and here I pay a self-indulgent tribute to one ‘Starman’ in particular following the anniversary of his death last year. For me, David Bowie epitomised agility and adaptability within the music world. He also has enough song titles in his back catalogue for me to squeeze in a fair number, whilst reflecting on law firms’ ability to adapt to ‘Time’ and circumstance as Bowie did in his career.

Stop reading now ….. if you’re not prepared for a bit of creative word play here. I admit to being a huge Bowie fan but recognise that not everyone is. If this blog doesn’t work, I could soon be looking for a ‘New Career in a New Town’…..! Continue reading…

Paralegals – do you know what THEY think???

By ‘they’, I mean the partners who are hiring paralegals. It is an interesting question for paralegals who want to know how they are perceived by the senior lawyers in their teams.

Other questions I regularly hear asked are if working as paralegals this will affect their chances of becoming a trainee and also if working as a paralegal will help their career?

So here are some answers. I have to confess (funnily enough) that I haven’t asked every partner in the UK these questions…. and I cannot claim this to be a definitive set of answers. However I have asked a selection of law firm partners whom I know well and respect. They themselves are highly rated in their field and although they have not worked as paralegals, they have all recruited them into their teams and they know the legal market well.

The partners are from a large international top 10 law firm and work in Investment Funds (a), a large national firm and work in Real Estate (b) and an impressive US law firm and work in Corporate (c). They have also worked at magic circle, silver circle and West End practices previously. I am not naming them so they could answer freely without the censorship of their HR and marketing departments.

Continue reading…

Work Experience

How soon is too soon?

Christmas is slowly approaching and whilst your mind has moved from worrying about pumpkins and zombies to tinsel and where you packed away that Michael Buble Deluxe Christmas CD (do people even still use CDs?!), I’ve been wondering, how soon is too soon? I saw my first Christmas tree back in October and as far as I’m concerned, that was definitely too soon! Continue reading…


How will President Trump affect UK law firms?

Brexit. Leicester City win the Premier League. Donald Trump is elected as President.

You couldn’t have predicted 2016 if you tried.

As the dust barely settles following a momentous night in world politics, we analyse 3 key areas likely to affect UK law firms following Trump’s election as President of the United States. Continue reading…

Shaking Hands

Thinking about a move? 5 reasons to use a recruitment consultant.

When considering a move, you can go about it in a number of ways. You can search law firm websites and careers pages for your next step and fire out applications. You can look within your own existing network, checking out who you know at what firms and who might be able to put in a good word for you. Alternatively you can build a relationship with a specialist recruitment consultant and leverage the benefit of using an expert in the market, paid (by the law firm not you!) to find you the right next step in your career. Continue reading…


Rise of the Residential

From the news to job boards, everyone is talking about Residential Conveyancing, but why is this?

The property market is forever changing and keeping us on our toes, in the last year we have seen new stamp duty rules and the unexpected brexit. These factors will have a huge impact on the property market within the UK which may benefit locum Solicitors. With higher demands and a quicker turn around needed more and more Law firms and high street practices require experienced specialist Solicitors on a locum basis to assist with their influx of cases from purchase to completion. Continue reading…