Counter Offer

Counter offers: Not all that glitters is gold

As law firms find the battle for attracting lawyers more and more challenging, the focus on preventing people leaving will only increase and with this the likelihood that, if you try and move firms, there will be a counter offer. But is that receipt flattering, compelling or dangerous? Continue reading…


Life’s too short

Today is the 1 year anniversary of my father’s passing. In some ways the past twelve months has flown, in another way it seems like the events of last year were aeons ago. Continue reading…

training contract

Q&As from recently qualified solicitors – an insight into their experience of training and qualification

September is an interesting time of year for junior lawyers. Paralegals and LPC graduates are starting their training contracts and Trainee Solicitors are coming up to the quarter, half way or qualification stage of theirs.

It is understandable that individuals have a number of questions about how their career will progress during the training contract process. Questions frequently include “what seats do I want to undertake?”, “will I stay with my current firm?”, “what do I want to qualify into?”, “what else is out there?”, “what changes when I qualify?”. These are of course just a few of the most common queries that crop up. Continue reading…


Are you aware of your personal online brand?

With the legal job market becoming ever more competitive, it is not surprising that the selection criteria used by employers may not always be limited to a straightforward CV and interview(s) – your personal online brand can be just as important as the suit you wear to an interview. Continue reading…

legal market

‘Heat Map’ of the Global Legal Market

(A must-read for any lawyer with international aspirations)

After a relatively slow 2016, things are starting to pick up in the international legal recruitment market. Below is a whistle stop tour of some of the world’s leading financial centres, which are often top of the list for relocating lawyers. Continue reading…

solicitor exam

The Solicitors Super Exam

So, it’s finally happened. The Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) have confirmed that as of 2020, there will be a so-called ‘Super Exam’ as an entry to the legal profession and to qualify as a solicitor. This will be aptly known as the ‘Solicitors Qualification Exam’ (SQE). So first and foremost, what does this mean? Continue reading…


2017: A Good Year for a Career Move Offshore?

Who hasn’t dreamed of working in some far flung, sunny place, where you get paid really well and spend more time on the beach than in the office?

And then you wake up. Continue reading…

Women Literature

Pride & Prejudice & Partnership

It is a truth universally acknowledged that an associate solicitor, possessed of a good following, must be in want of partnership. Continue reading…


The Manchester skyline is changing and so is the legal market – it’s all looking good!

First we had Urbis, now the home of the National Football Museum, that represented the cutting edge new look of Manchester post-1996. It is still holding its own in the contemporary architectural space, but the attention for the past few years has been on the Beetham Tower. I still remember the topping-out ceremony and can’t believe that was in 2006! Since then it has soared over Manchester, well over triple the height of any other building – it’s visible from pretty much every approach road into the city. This is set to change with a number of new developments, which are going to catapult Manchester into a new era of modern city living and further urban regeneration. Continue reading…

David Bowie

A cha-cha-cha-changing era – a look at the expanding consultancy market with the help of my hero David Bowie!

I for one sighed with relief when 2016 finally ‘did one’. In a year of uncertainty and of ‘Heroes’ and villains, last year seemed largely without humour. We lost some of ‘The Supermen’ (and women) of the world and here I pay a self-indulgent tribute to one ‘Starman’ in particular following the anniversary of his death last year. For me, David Bowie epitomised agility and adaptability within the music world. He also has enough song titles in his back catalogue for me to squeeze in a fair number, whilst reflecting on law firms’ ability to adapt to ‘Time’ and circumstance as Bowie did in his career.

Stop reading now ….. if you’re not prepared for a bit of creative word play here. I admit to being a huge Bowie fan but recognise that not everyone is. If this blog doesn’t work, I could soon be looking for a ‘New Career in a New Town’…..! Continue reading…