Interim staff crucial in the UK labour market after the latest election shock? We think so!

I think it would be fair to say the last fortnight in UK politics has been unpredictable. On election night, most commentators were shocked and excited in equal measure as the constituencies declared their results, all trying to decide what these results meant in terms of the overall political map, Government, economy and Brexit. A week later and after time to reflect, the question is …. what will this result mean for the UK labour market? Continue reading…


“Off to a Gig”

A recent survey conducted by Vario concluded that the main reason for lawyers choosing freelance/ interim roles is the variety of legal work they offer. Whilst I believe this to be true, it got me thinking about the changing ways in which we work. In my 13 years in recruitment (most of this supplying legal staff), I have seen good and bad economies, innovations in technology and changing work patterns. Related to this last point I’ve recently been hearing a lot about the “Gig Economy”. Continue reading…


Document Review in the UK: a unique opportunity

Working at Chadwick Nott I regularly meet and register lawyers new to the UK market; a frequent conversation I have with them concerns a remark I often hear, that until they arrived in the UK they had no idea that the document review market existed. It is interesting to me that with such a well-developed market for document review in the UK, and particularly London, that outside of the UK lawyers may not know of the opportunities this market can offer. For a look at exactly how document review works read my previous blog on the subject here. Why is it that the UK, and particularly London, has such a mature document review market? To answer this you firstly have to look at why you would litigate in London. Continue reading…


The Rise of the Interim

We’ve turned another page of the calendar and are now looking ahead full steam at 2016. However, I thought it might be helpful to have a quick glance back over the shoulder at the Interim market of 2015 before moving on.

2015 was another good year for the Interim worker. This could in part be seen as a sign of an ever improving business environment, but is also an indication of a lack of available, trained and relevant permanent talent. Continue reading…

document review

Have you tried Document Review?

As an Associate within the Interim team at Chadwick Nott my desk and workload can be broken down into two distinct areas:

First are your classic fee earning Locum/Interim positions within a law firm, this would be working within a specific practice area such as Real Estate or Corporate for a set period of time (often to cover maternity leave, sickness or spikes in workload) and generally paying a daily rate. Continue reading…