Apprenticeships – Earn while you learn

University seems like a very distant memory to me. I left 12 years ago and have been working now as a recruiter for 10 years. Whilst the memories may have faded, a constant reminder of the good old days lives on in my monthly pay slip in the form of the Student Loan Contribution. I was sent my yearly statement recently and was absolutely astonished at the figure I still owed. Paying off student debts seems never ending! As a frivolous student, living life to the full, I was aware that I would be saddled with some debt, it’s inescapable, but I didn’t think for a second I would still be paying this off as I approach 40. The optimist in me will say, well at least I went to university back in the days when fees had recently been introduced and were considerably lower that the fees today’s students face. Looking at course fees now it sends shudders through me. It’s a huge commitment to go to university these days and I wonder if I would have signed up as readily today as I did in 2001? To have a career in law, the path seemed straightforward, A-levels, degree, post graduate course and then training contract. I didn’t give any consideration to any alternatives means to the same end – in truth I didn’t even know there were alternative ways of qualifying as a lawyer. Continue reading…

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Escaping Paralegal Purgatory!

So you’ve worked hard at school, got the grades, the place at University and finally the Law Degree. So what comes next?

The majority of candidates, like myself 10 years ago, have faced this question. Looking back on it now, perhaps I should have pondered the question and researched the graduate to pupillage ratios etc. a little longer, before diving straight into the Bar Vocational Course (BVC). However, like an increasing number of undergraduates each year, I decided to carry on to post graduate training. Continue reading…