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‘Heat Map’ of the Global Legal Market

(A must-read for any lawyer with international aspirations)

After a relatively slow 2016, things are starting to pick up in the international legal recruitment market. Below is a whistle stop tour of some of the world’s leading financial centres, which are often top of the list for relocating lawyers. Continue reading…


2017: A Good Year for a Career Move Offshore?

Who hasn’t dreamed of working in some far flung, sunny place, where you get paid really well and spend more time on the beach than in the office?

And then you wake up. Continue reading…


Spring Awakening – In-House Market in 2017

The middle of March signals the ending of winter with numerous high profile events. There are iconic sporting occasions such as The Cheltenham Gold Cup and the final weekend of the Six Nations; St Patrick’s Day and the start of British Summer Time is only a whisker away – the clocks go forward an hour this weekend on Sunday 26th March. Verges and gardens become more colourful as daffodils start to bloom and thoughts turn to when Easter will fall – in 2017 it seems perfectly placed in mid-April. Continue reading…


How will President Trump affect UK law firms?

Brexit. Leicester City win the Premier League. Donald Trump is elected as President.

You couldn’t have predicted 2016 if you tried.

As the dust barely settles following a momentous night in world politics, we analyse 3 key areas likely to affect UK law firms following Trump’s election as President of the United States. Continue reading…

Thinking Woman

When a man is tired of London… he realises there is more to life?

“When a man is tired of London, he is tired of life; for there is in London all that life can afford.”

This oft quoted epitaph is from the 18th century, so don’t feel bad if it doesn’t resonate with you. In fact, if you are tired of London it’s likely because you no longer have a life, yet alone a life you can afford. Continue reading…


Post Brexit – Is London still a good career destination for Australian and New Zealand qualified lawyers?

Our international team has been working with Australian and New Zealand solicitors looking to relocate to London since 2001. Over that time there have been monumental changes in the levels of demand for legal talent from down under, from the glory days of 2005 to the complete freeze on international recruitment in September 2008. Continue reading…


Sand-proof laptops: The offshore legal market and how to get your share of the sun

This article will explore the offshore market in the Caribbean and the opportunities available to lawyers with a common law background, at least three years PQE and a desire for sun, sea and… money. Continue reading…

Work Abroad

NQs Abroad

As we approach March qualification, here are the top six questions we are asked by newly or recently qualified lawyers wanting to explore options internationally. Continue reading…