Would you push yourself so far that your nose bled?

A crazy question to ask you may say? However I watched one man do just that over the festive period. Our very own Brit, Eddie Hall, became the first man to deadlift 500kg in 2016 (although he did immediately pass out after bursting blood vessels in his head!).

Anyway, this got me thinking. Whilst sat on the sofa, eating copious amounts of leftover chocolate and generally indulging in the annual, guilt free laziness of post-Christmas (well as much as you can with a 20 month old in tow!), I sat and watched the Worlds’ Strongest Man, where they showed Eddie achieve this world record. The slow motion clip showed blood pouring out of his nose and it made me sit back (literally!) and realise the lengths people are prepared to go to in order to achieve their goals.

Perhaps a bit of an extreme comparison when talking about your legal career, but I don’t think it is a bad metaphor. I have spoken to many a solicitor who is treading a fine line between working flat out and complete burnout. Actually some of them quite like it. We all need the Eddie Halls of this world, someone to lead by example, to show what can be achieved and to set the standards for those who follow.

You may wish to become the next managing partner of a law firm, even a magic circle firm. I am sure the likes of Matthew Layton, Gideon Moore or Andrew Ballheimer have all pushed themselves to their absolute limits to achieve such an accolade. However, your goal may be completely different and it may be that just becoming the best lawyer you can be is what you are looking to do. Either way, we are here to assist you in planning for any career ambition. After all, “a goal without a plan is just a wish” – Antoine de Saint Exupery.

With this in mind, you may be reading this blog and feeling a bit frustrated about where your career is going. Many tell me that they are being restricted in developing their own client portfolios or they don’t feel that they are being recognised for the work that they do. Perhaps you are making your own nose bleed for someone else’s gain?

This is as good a time as any to start the New Year with a bang and find the role that is right for you. Many of us have had time over the festive period to take stock of the unforgettable year of 2016 and to look forward to an exciting 2017.

So, if you are looking for a change of scenery, a better work/life balance, the chance to be recognised for the work that you do, or if you are looking to join a bigger or smaller practice or perhaps the chance to move into a US firm or even a niche/sector focused firm, we can assist you in achieving your ambitions for 2017.

Already we are seeing a flurry of activity with new vacancies from all types of law firm, with a peak in litigation/arbitration, tax, construction, property and corporate. Here are just a few examples:

• Russian Speaking, International Arbitration Associate – 3-6PQE – Entrepreneurial city firm
• Dispute Resolution – 1-4PQE – Magic Circle firm
• Construction – 1-5PQE – Leading Mayfair practice
• Tax – Junior Associate – Large international firm
• Planning – 1-4PQE – International practice
• Corporate – 2-5PQE and 5+PQE – Leading West End firm
• Real Estate – 3-6PQE – Leading Mayfair practice
• Payments/Financial Products Associate – 2-4PQE – Leading international firm
• Securitisation/Derivatives – 1-5PQE – Leading international firm.

This is by no means an exhaustive list and we can advise and assist you in all areas of law.

As I draw this blog to an end, I just want to finish by saying that no matter where you are in your career, it is likely that you will experience some setbacks. Eddie didn’t win the World’s Strongest Man this time around, but do you think this will stop him from entering again next year?! I think not. He is a man who will continue to push himself until he wins his prize. And why shouldn’t you?

If you want to discuss these roles, or just find out a bit more about the current job market. Please do not hesitate to contact me for a confidential discussion on 07795 027 895 or email me at georginarylance@chadwicknott.co.uk.

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