New Year new me

New Year, New You?

Here we are again – January and the holiday season over. No doubt many of us are reading supposedly inspirational and life changing books, blogs or indeed trawling the internet including the job sites, as we try and make some changes to our lives for 2018. The New Year is a perfect time for making a fresh start and improvements to our busy lives. While most aspire to better health, a dry January, or even resolving finances, some look for a change in job or career. Many lawyers are amongst those who decide enough is enough and decide they have nothing to lose and a lot to possibly gain by exploring the job market. Like divorce lawyers, after the decorations are down and the Christmas hangover over, here at Chadwick Nott we get a lot of calls for assistance! Continue reading…

legal recruitment

Ever considered a career in legal recruitment? Keep reading….

Recruitment is an interesting industry, and one many people (who aren’t in it) have a negative view on. I sometimes think we’re considered on par with Estate Agents and Traffic Wardens! But it’s the few ‘bad’ recruiters in the market that unfortunately have tainted the profession, meaning the rest of us need to work hard to disprove any negative perceptions. I want to tell you a bit more about what legal recruiters do day to day and the reasons to consider legal recruitment if you are at a crossroads in your career and thinking about taking the plunge… Continue reading…

returning to work

Returning to work after a career break?

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I have worked as a legal recruitment consultant at Chadwick Nott for over 12 years now and in the last year, more than ever before, have dealt with an increasing number of enquiries from solicitors looking to return to practice either after a career break or after a break away from the legal profession. The majority of these enquiries are from women looking to return after fairly standard periods of maternity leave, but some are from solicitors (both male and female) who are looking to return to the profession after a longer period away from practice. The reasons for taking a career break are many and varied and much of the advice about returning is dependent on specific circumstances, but I have tried to produce some general tips/guidance for anyone who has taken a career break and is thinking about returning. Continue reading…


Life’s too short

Today is the 1 year anniversary of my father’s passing. In some ways the past twelve months has flown, in another way it seems like the events of last year were aeons ago. Continue reading…


Job Hunting – How a good LinkedIn profile can help you

As part of our Chadwick Nott national programme of solicitor career talks, we recently held a NQ careers event in conjunction with the Manchester Trainee Solicitors group attended by around 50 lawyers. It was an excellent opportunity to meet with trainees coming up to qualification later in the year. Our speakers gave advice on how to prepare in order to maximise your chances of finding exactly the right job on qualification and gave a comprehensive update on the current legal market. Continue reading…

midlands market

Easter review – Midlands market

Like many others, I was certainly ready for a few days break over Easter. The year has been tremendously busy and having some time away with family to recharge the batteries and indulge in hot cross buns and chocolate eggs was just what the doctor ordered!

The time away also let me reflect on the way we have found the market and how things have unfolded in 2017 to date. Continue reading…


2017: A Good Year for a Career Move Offshore?

Who hasn’t dreamed of working in some far flung, sunny place, where you get paid really well and spend more time on the beach than in the office?

And then you wake up. Continue reading…